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Share the impact that donations have on real lives with stories and videos from our community.

Use these videos and stories at campaign events, to inspire others to give, to thank donors and to learn more about the difference you make possible.

The Compilation Video

If you only have the opportunity to show one video, and want to share a few personal stories instead of just one single one, please use this compilation video. 

Chad & Travis’s story

Chad working at the foodbank
Travis partnered with United Way to distribute food to his neighbours during the pandemic, including Chad. Now, he and Chad both give back by making regular food deliveries.

Cindy & Lucie’s story

Cindy wears a striped t-shirt and sits on a couch in a rec room.
Cindy has gained confidence and community thanks to a United Way program. She says these programs have only become more important during the pandemic.

Colette & Rudy’s story

Colette wears a black dress with a white bow and sits in an armchair looking out a window.
A United Way program helped Colette and her neighbours stay active and connected during the pandemic. Rudy is proud to support seniors’ programs in his community through United Way.

Laura & Bertha’s story

Laura stands in front of a field of sunflowers wearing sunglasses and a patterned shirt.
United Way’s mental health resources helped Laura see how powerful it could be to navigate the challenges she faced—and find a new outlook on life.

Mariya & Yannick’s story

Mariya stands in front of a stand of bushes.
After immigrating to Canada, Mariya found connection and community by volunteering with a United Way program. Yannick supports United Way because he knows it funds effective programs like the one that helped Mariya.

Michele & Bridget’s story

Michele wearing a white dress sitting in front of a green house in a garden.
Michele benefitted from United Way-supported programs while experiencing homelessness. Now she and Bridget both give back by volunteering in their community.

Premji & Shanta story

Premji holding a photo of  his wife Shanta
Premji and Sumant share how United Way provides vital programs for seniors—like the ones that helped Premji and his wife Shanta—and helps people envision bright futures for themselves.

Sylvanna & Marge’s story

A United Way youth program helped Sylvanna come out of her shell and apply for university. It’s this kind of wraparound support that makes Marge a proud United Way supporter.


To promote your United Way campaign, use the images below as visual assets to talk about our work in the community and how each of us can help make a difference in the lives of others. 

Captions for the images are included in each of the packages. 

Community Images

Employment Images

Food Images

Homelessness Images

Mental Health Images