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It Feels Good To Do Good!

We’re proud to have been recognized as one of Greater Toronto Area’s Top 100 Employers, a distinction we have received for several years now. In 2017 we were also named as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures, a recognition for having a culture that has helped us enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage. Our culture at United Way sets us apart from other organizations. Through our peer to peer recognition program, we reward our employees who demonstrate excellence in our cultural behaviours.

Greater Toronto's Top 2022 Employers

This year marks the 11th win for United Way greater Toronto in the Greater Toronto’s Top Employers competition, which has become the benchmark in the Greater Toronto Area for workplace best-practices. Like the metropolitan area it represents, the competition has become exceptionally strong and competitive — so much so that, for Toronto-area employers, the minimum scores to secure a place on the GTA list routinely rank among the highest in the nation.

See what make United Way Greater Toronto a Top Employer

Our Employees Make Us Who We are

At United Way Greater Toronto, a high-performance culture is foundational to who we are as an organization. We recognize that the daily leadership, creativity, motivation, and dedication of our employees allow us to achieve success and create a positive impact on our community. We are happy to recognize our employees’ amazing work!

The M.B. Family Spirit Awards provide us with an opportunity to recognize and reward the extraordinary contributions of colleagues who have distinguished themselves and demonstrated UWGT’s cultural behaviours.

M.B. Family Spirit Award: Culture Champion Recipients

Geoffrey Milder

Geoffrey makes significant and concerted efforts to building strong relationships internally, to collaborate with others across teams, and to embrace a variety of different viewpoints and perspectives— which hasn’t always been an easy task given that he started with UWGT remotely during the pandemic. He often brings a fresh perspective in looking at challenges and great new ideas to approach our work. He will often ask thoughtful questions around why we are approaching things a certain way and offer up suggestions on a better and more efficient approach moving forward. He gets involved in everything at UWGT—he is the first to raise his hand and volunteer for anything and is often seen playing “greeter” at many a UWGT events—MIG Cabinet Meetings, Women United events, the Local Leaders celebration, to name only a few! Geoffrey was an extraordinarily supportive team mate to his peers. He draws on his 14 years of fundraising experience across a host of different organizations and fundraising methodologies to help his colleagues whenever they are looking for support, whether it’s developing strategy, proofreading donor correspondence, or if they’re simply feeling a little low.

Sage Intacct Financial Systems Team

Beverley Jarrett, Celia Vecchiarelli, Demi Jin, Gaya Veeraswaminathan, Philip Mansfield, Ruth Williams, Shirley Crocker, Tony Lo

The team worked hard last year to take the old, outdated software and replace it with the new and improved Sage Intacct Financial System. The process was a large undertaking that had the implementation team working with team members across the entire organization to engage subject matter experts. They were able to work through the complexity of leaving the old software behind, taking care in this process to hold onto the important core functions and let go of parts of the systems that weren’t serving us. The team was able to really modernize our system! The team was trained on all functions, even those that did not directly relate to their role and allowed them to test and explore—strengthening the outcomes by opening input from all and enhancing the team approach. The best example is how the team was able to rally together during a short 3-week “user acceptance test phase”. The team collaborated with each other to make sure that the project was complete even with such a short runway of 3 weeks.

CRM Core Team

Ashley Durk, Ellen Sooley, Jenny Ng, Levi Webb, Philip Mansfield, Rebecca Chesley, Stefanie Lamanna

The CRM team took the daunting task of updating UWGT’s CRM. The team was in constant consultation with our business experts from across the organization. This has resulted in a CRM solution that will support our strategic goals now and as we move into the ‘New’ and ‘Next’. The CRM team was able to let go of what was holding back the old CRM and develop and hold on to new upgrades to help improve the CRM. The team was relentless in the pursuit of solutions to improve the lives of UWGT users by reducing effort, ensuring clear layouts and easy to use features and automating manual tasks that weren’t adding value. It was a massive undertaking to overhaul all of our older business processes and data points. The team put in hours of hard work to finish far past the initial goal of solving 80% of users’ needs.