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We are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of local love from our dedicated supporters as we recover and rebuild from this crisis. Whether it’s time, energy or financial contributions, these caring members of community help fuel our vital work across the GTA ensuring that everyone has a chance to thrive.  

Individual supporters

Happy mother and her adult son and daughter-in-law.

Major Donor Circle 

The Major Donor Circle acknowledges donors who have generously donated a minimum of $10,000 dollars within the past year to United Way Greater Toronto.

A group of people outdoors during pandemic wearing masks and giving thumbs up.

Leadership Donor

Leadership donors fuel our important work in community with a gift of $1,200 or more per year to United Way Greater Toronto.

A mother holding and kissing her child

Tomorrow Fund™

Donors to United Way’s endowment, The Tomorrow Fund, recognize that while many of today’s challenges will be won, others will persist and new ones will emerge. The stability of The Tomorrow Fund ensures ongoing funding for United Way programs and projects to meet those challenges.

Workplace Supporters

A man and woman looking at a Local Leaders List

Local Leaders List 

The Local Leaders List recognizes organizations and workplaces that go above and beyond, giving back to their communities by donating, participating in events and finding new ways to get involved virtually.

A group of business people holding signs cheering.

Corporate Support

We gratefully acknowledge the hundreds of loyal and generous companies, organizations and workplaces that supported United Way over the past year.

Your support in action

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