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A legacy gift to United Way Greater Toronto is a powerful way to show your commitment to your community and leave an impact for generations to come. Celebrate your life’s legacy and contribute a vision of the future that supports the values that you hold dear.

A gift in your will is the most common form of legacy giving.  By leaving a gift in your will, you will help United Way Greater Toronto create a region where everyone can thrive. Together, we will build communities that foster well-being and belonging – including safe housing; stable income and employment; local services, recreation and opportunities for community engagement—for everyone. We will continue our work in, and with community for the years to come and build a brighter future for everyone who calls this place we love home.

Connie Reeves a United Way donor.

When I recently updated my will, I decided to give to United Way because it funds so many important issues and organizations. They’ve made deep impact in communities for over five decades, and they’ll continue to be there, making good decisions about how the money is used—for decades to come.

Connie Reeve, United Way donor

There is no greater legacy than one that transforms lives. Plan today, make a promise for tomorrow.

For more information about making a legacy gift to United Way Greater Toronto, download our Promise of Tomorrow brochure or contact Jennifer Chegus at or or 416-777-1444 ext. 288 to discuss gifts in will or other legacy donation options.

Leaving a gift in your will to United Way of Greater Toronto is a simple way to make an extraordinary statement of your commitment to “future-proofing” our community.

For more information, ways to leave a gift in your will, and more helpful guidelines, please download our Gift in Will Reference Guide.

Legal Name and Charitable Business Number

To leave a gift to United Way of Greater Toronto in your will, you will need our legal name, address and charitable business number.

Legal Name: United Way of Greater Toronto
Primary mailing address: 26 Wellington Street East, 12th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1S2
Charitable Business Number: 119278216RR0001

While gifts in will are the most common, and often the most straightforward way to leave a legacy gift, there are other giving vehicles to consider. United Way Greater Toronto encourages donors like you to seek independent legal and financial planning advice to ensure your financial goals are considered, your tax situation reviewed, and that your gift choice best reflects your personal circumstances.

Life Insurance Policy

You can designate
United Way as an owner and/or beneficiary of an insurance policy, in whole or in part.


You can designate United Way as
a beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan.

The Tomorrow FundTM

You can create a named fund within The Tomorrow FundTM, our endowment, and provide a continuous stream of income that will fuel our vital work in community.

After caring for your loved ones, a decision to leave a gift in your will is an extraordinary statement of your values. For many of our donors, leaving a gift to United Way Greater Toronto in their will is a celebration of their life story, a lasting legacy.   We recognize their collective commitments as Promises for Tomorrow – a caring group of individuals who share a deep commitment to our community.

Portrait of senior couple in a restaurant.

Community organizations like United Way need to be there to take care of people and to support the long-term stability of the social services sector. Planning for a bequest that will benefit future generations has been a valuable conversation for our family.

Neil Harris and Katie Taylor
Portrait of a senior in outdoor.

I live in the middle of Toronto and I see the inequalities. For me, community is about communal living, about caring for each other. That’s why it’s important to give – what might seem like a small amount can have a significant impact.

Nancy Hardy, United Way Legacy Donor

While many of today’s challenges will be won, others will persist and new ones will emerge. Join these donors who are helping ensure a brighter, stronger GTA for all.  

You know charitable giving is an integral part of holistic financial planning.

Your clients want to have a positive impact on their world, now and in the future. They want the things they do to matter, to have a deeper meaning or purpose. And many want to support the local community where they have lived and prospered. 

United Way works in lockstep with local agencies, residents who know their communities best, and donors like your clients. We design solutions that prioritize the people and places who are being left behind.  We fight local poverty.

Please reach out anytime to discuss your client’s interests and intentions. Together, we can help them leave a meaningful legacy and make a difference in their community. 


Jennifer Chegus
Senior Philanthropy Officer, Programs | 416-777-1444 ext 288

Some helpful resources:

United Way Greater Toronto encourages our donors to seek independent legal and financial planning advice to ensure their financial goals are considered, their tax situation reviewed, and that their gift vehicle best reflects their personal circumstances.