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Agincourt Community Services Association volunteers

At United Way, we fight local poverty because it is hurting our community and the people who live here. We believe that every person deserves the opportunities, access and connections they need to build a good life—regardless of their income, the neighbourhood they live in, or their social identity.

One way we work to achieve this vision is through our grants. United Way identifies and awards these to community agencies across the GTA with the aim of achieving the greatest impact. While each grant opportunity has its own strategy and selection process, every grant supports a wide array of services and support for people living in poverty across the region.

We also act as partner to the Federal government in awarding available Federal funding.

We do not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

Current Opportunities

United Way partners with organizations to eradicate local poverty and solve the unignorable issues in Peel, York, and Toronto. We provide funding so that everyone has the opportunities they need to thrive. Our programs bring frontline community agencies together with business leaders, local government, and donors to co-ordinate efforts and fill gaps in services. By working together, we ensure community members can access much-needed support every day of the year, during times of stability and crisis.

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