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Centre for Inclusive Economic Opportunity, Golden Mile (CIEO)

United Way ILEO and CIEO Golden Mile

The Centre for Inclusive Economic Opportunity, Golden Mile (CIEO) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2020 by 10 community organizations to expand economic opportunities for residents of the Greater Golden Mile.

CIEO’s Founding Members

Access Employment
West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre
Warden Woods
The Neighbourhood Organization
Out of the Box
Working Women
Toronto Community Benefits Network
Woodgreen - Opportunity made here.

Convened and supported by United Way as part of the Inclusive Local Economic Opportunity Initiative (ILEO), CIEO’s first mandate was to partner with Aecon Group Inc. on the creation of Aecon-Golden Mile (A-GM) joint venture. CIEO member agencies have deep ties to the neighbourhood and deep experience delivering employment and other social services to residents. As 51% partner in Aecon-Golden Mile Joint Venture, CIEO’s local knowledge and connections to the community complement Aecon’s construction industry experience.

CIEO’s Vision

CIEO aims to ensure residents and businesses prosper as the neighbourhood develops and continue to call the Greater Golden Mile home.

CIEO’s Mission

CIEO will help Greater Golden Mile residents and businesses shape and participate in the growth and wealth of their community by:

  • building capacity and facilitating access to good jobs and economic opportunities;
  • advocating for their participation in community-based economic activity and development; and
  • strategically reinvesting profits from the Aecon-Golden Mile Joint Venture back into the community.

CIEO’s 2022-2025 Goals

Grow Aecon-Golden Mile

Build and leverage Community Intelligence and Advocacy

Provide access to training for residents and businesses to strengthen local capacity to participate in Good Jobs and Economic Opportunities

CIEO’s Board of Directors

The board of directors for the Centre for Inclusive Economic Opportunity, Golden Mile (CIEO) is comprised of 8 representatives from CIEO founding member organizations and 2 resident representatives from the Greater Golden Mile Community.

Segun Akinsanya,
Greater Golden Mile resident

Joshua Hood,
West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Services

Rosemarie Powell (Treasurer),
Toronto Community Benefits Network

Anne Babcock (Chair),
WoodGreen Community Services

Ahmed Hussein,
TNO – The Neighbourhood Organization

Luanne Rayvals,
Working Women Community Centre

Ameen Binwalee (Co-Chair),
Out of the Box Social Enterprise

Lindsay Kane,
Greater Golden Mile resident

ILEO Partners

Aecon Group

The Centre for Inclusive Economic Opportunity, Golden Mile

  • ACCES Employment
  • Labour Education Centre
  • Out of the Box Social Enterprise
  • Toronto Community Benefits Networks
  • TNO – The Neighbourhood Organization
  • Victoria Park Hub – Working Women Community Centre
  • Warden Woods Community Centre
  • West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre
  • WoodGreen Community Services
  • YWCA Toronto