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Annual Reports

Change: on the streets where we live

We are deepening our efforts and evolving our focus to address inequities and build a more just future. Leaning into the neighbourhoods where we’ve always worked and building on decades of meeting urgent needs, we are leading local solutions that drive systemic and structural change. At the neighbourhood level. And on a human scale.

Read on to see what, thanks to your support, we’ve accomplished this past year and where we are headed next, as we work towards making the basics that foster well-being and belonging—safe housing; stable income and employment; local services, recreation and opportunities for engagement—accessible to everyone.

2021-22 Annual Report

2021-22 Agency Disbursement List

2021-22 Financial Statements

2020-21 Annual Report

2020-21 Agency Disbursement List

2020-21 Financial Statements

*All files are in PDF format 

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