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Annual Reports

A United Way

2023-2024 Annual Report

United Way Greater Toronto is uniting for action. We’re rolling up our sleeves and diving in to tackle the issues that overwhelm our community today and jeopardize our potential tomorrow. 

In these pages you’ll learn how we’ve mobilized support for refugees in crisis. Coordinated quick and effective social services. Fostered opportunities for local engagement. Collaborated to put the ‘good’ back in jobs. Advocated for affordable housing. And strengthened neighbourhoods. 

The future is bringing profound change. And with your help, we’re responding with a bigger, bolder United Way. 

2022-23 Annual Report

2022-23 Financial Statements

2022-23 Agency Disbursement List

2021-22 Annual Report

2021-22 Financial Statements

2021-22 Agency Disbursement List

*All files are in PDF format 

To access our T3010 on the CRA website, please click here.