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We would love to feature your programs across our platforms, but to do so we need images. Feel free to share photos or videos with us at any time. United Way uses these photos to help raise funds and awareness about your work. Most often we’ll include information about the agency and program featured, in addition to naming individuals if/where appropriate. For examples of the types of photos we use and where, see below.

Images that show individuals prominently are kept on file for 3 years, and generic photos without faces may be used for longer. Please ensure you have received appropriate permissions from those photographed to be shared with a third party.

Style: We can use a variety of images, including close-ups, group shots, candids, portraits. In the case of sensitive or vulnerable clients, we are happy to use images of staff or images that do not clearly identify a person. For examples of the types of photos we use, see below.

Upload files here

Here are some examples of how we feature your images:

United Way Annual Report microsite home pageUnited Way 2021 Fundraiser Roadshow Meeting Basic NeedsUnited Way 2021 Fundraiser Roadshow Leading with Equity

United Way 2020 Honour Roll cover

United Way Annual Report microsite subpage

United Way website Funded Programs feature image

United Way website The Work feature image
Collage of agency photos