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Investing In Community

Putting your dollars to work

United Way is dedicated to ensuring your donation is invested in the most effective and efficient way possible. We invest approximately $6 million each month in our network of almost 300 community agencies, alongside our partnerships with local governments and other key decision makers, to provide a lifeline to individuals and families, fill gaps in essential services, and meet emergency needs while driving lasting solutions to poverty. Here is how we are putting your dollars to work in community, right now.

Anchor funding

We support 69 Anchor agencies delivering almost 220 programs across Peel, Toronto and York Region. Dependable and flexible, our five-year Anchor funding equips frontline agencies with funding for both programming and core operating support – so they can meet immediate needs while building long-term capacity and solutions to move the needle on poverty and related issues in our region.

Program Funding

Through our Program funding, we are investing in over 200 agencies and almost 300 programs that fight poverty’s pressing issues by empowering communities to lead local solutions across Peel, Toronto and York Region. Designed to be nimble while delivering lasting impact on current and emerging issues in the GTA, these three-year program grants target investment to the populations, geographies, and solutions at the centre of our ongoing fight against poverty.

Partnering with Government

Alongside our investments in community made possible through generous donors, United Way is a trusted partner for getting government dollars to where they are needed most. Our wide network, granting expertise, and connection to community voices help us match government funding to local needs.

Special Initiatives

United Way’s work is comprehensive, and so are the solutions we invest in. Complementing our stable Anchor funding and the issue-specific programming made possible through our Program funding, our investments in Special Initiatives advance strategic, future-forward work that is building strong communities and laying the long-term foundation for a GTA without poverty.