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Personal stories to inspire

Are you running a United Way workplace campaign? Hearing a personal account of how a gift to United Way creates opportunities for a better life for people in our region can offer your colleagues a deeper understanding of where donations go. Our speakers can be selected according to your company’s area of interest and will come directly to your workplace (or other designated meeting place) to share their heartfelt experiences. To book an agency speaker, contact us at 416-777-2001 or speakersbureau@uwgt.org.

Videos to inspire

The videos below can also be used to illustrate the impact that United Way Greater Toronto’s funded agencies are making within our community.

  • Ambreen’s Story

    Screen capture of Ambreen

    Domestic abuse can be difficult for women and children to break free from, but Ambreen found a way out—as a result she now helps other women achieve the same independence.
    Download Ambreen’s story

  • Aneesa’s Story

    Screen capture of Aneesa

    Aneesa shares her personal story of how the support she’s received is helping her move from a life of poverty to one of possibility.
    Download Aneesa’s story

  • Bob’s Story

    Screen capture of Bob

    Homeless, marginalized and isolated, Bob didn’t know where to turn—until he was given a token by an agency outreach worker and told to seek help through United Way Toronto & York Region.
    Download Bob’s story

  • Cathy’s Story

    Screen capture of Cathy

    Cathy shares her personal story of how the support she’s received is helping her live a healthier, more productive life.
    Download Cathy’s story

  • Ciru’s Story

    Video still of Ciru

    Listen to the journey of Ciru, a refugee from Kenya, and how, in her words “United Way Saves Lives.“
    Download Ciru’s story

  • Evelyn’s Story

    Screen capture of Evelyn

    Many seniors face loneliness and isolation, but there are solutions, like the one Evelyn found by volunteering.
    Download Evelyn’s story

  • Kadeem’s Story

    Screen capture of Kadeem

    Kadeem shares his personal story of how the support he’s received is helping him be all that he can be.
    Download Kadeem’s story

  • Manoj’s Story

    Screen capture of Manoj

    Newcomers need help establishing their careers in Canada, but the settlement process can be challenging. At Skills for Change, Manoj received the training he needed to land his first job in Canada.
    Download Manoj’s story

  • Parker’s Story

    Screen capture of Parker

    YouthLink—an innovative counselling centre for young people struggling with mental health—gave 19-year-old Parker the chance to smile again. It’s just one way your generous support is helping give youth the best start in life.
    Download Parker’s story

  • Sam’s Story

    Screen capture of Sam

    Having a disability can be stigmatizing and isolating, but it doesn’t have to be. Today Sam is more independent than ever and living a productive life as a valuable member of our community.
    Download Sam’s story

  • Suzy’s Story

    Screen capture of Suzy

    Becoming a new mother can seem like an insurmountable challenge, especially if you’re a teenager like Suzy. The support she received from the June Callwood Centre made it possible for her to raise her son successfully and continue with her education.
    Download Suzy’s story

  • Victoria Park Hub

    Screen capture of Victoria Park Hub employee

    Watch a vignette from United Way Toronto & York Region’s 2013 Campaign Video. Enbridge is partnering with United Way to support innovative projects like this resident-led paper making initiative at the Victoria Park Hub.
    Download Kaladevi’s story