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  • We're making local issues #UNIGNORABLE
  • 1 in 5 people in Toronto live in poverty. In Peel and York Region, it's 1 in 8.
  • What does local love look like? A United Way employment program helped Lolley find a good job—and she hopes to pay it forward for other people experiencing poverty. #UNIGNORABLE.
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piggy bank

Is there a single solution to end poverty? Expert Daniyal Zuberi tells us how we can tackle this unignorable issue together.

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Lolley grew up in poverty, struggling to help support her family. Today, she’s working towards a brighter future after connecting with a United Way employment program.

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Yvonne Chan

When Yvonne Chan’s family first came to Canada, they faced many barriers—including poverty. Now a successful entrepreneur, Yvonne wants to inspire other women to achieve financial independence and find a path to success.

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