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Our Love Letter to Community

February 13, 2024 by United Way Greater Toronto

Dear Community,

There are so many reasons to love you. Maybe too many to count? But today feels like the perfect day to try.

First of all, we love experiencing your many neighbourhoods. You hold space for so many people of different abilities, ages and cultures—with such exciting ideas for our collective future—that we are proud to call you home.

We love your agencies and volunteers working across Peel, Toronto and York Region, caring for us all. And it makes us happy, Community, to see you welcoming newcomers and being inclusive, so everyone can feel a sense of belonging. Every day, you inspire us to take action and give back locally.

We love the land, streets, buildings and homes that make you who you are. You feel like a place we want to be, put down roots, raise our kids, go to work and make friends with our neighbours.

We love the people who take a stand for what they believe is right, who fight for the things they value, and who don’t act uniquely in self interest, but pull together for the good of all.

And we love you despite the challenges you face, those things that can seem hard and unsolvable. In fact, it makes us want to be there for you all the more.

So, to you on Valentine’s Day, we send our love, Community. And action is our love language. We promise to remind you you’re beautiful every day, by showing our love and commitment in everything we do for you.


United Way Greater Toronto

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