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We Are United

Last year, United Way Greater Toronto helped 2 million people with food, housing and connection.

Hands passing food box to a person

We are transforming communities into places with strong, vibrant and connected local food systems where all residents have access to culturally relevant and nutritious food.

Senior woman being helped by attendent.

We support services and programs that allow low-income seniors to have equal opportunities for healthy aging and excellent quality of life, while aging in community.

Upset woman with hands folded.

United Way is addressing the full spectrum of gender-based, intimate partner, and family violence through supports that offer a safe place and a clear path ahead for survivors of violence.

Key in apartment door lock.

We’re working to reduce the occurrence and duration of homelessness, prevent homelessness through early intervention, and reduce risks for those who are experiencing homelessness.

Man alone in a dark room looking out of window.

Mental health challenges are the leading cause of disability in Canada. We support individuals, families, and communities to improve their mental health and well-being through a wide range of programs and services.

Young people working in a community garden.

We support youth to become engaged members of their communities by closing opportunity gaps and helping them realize their full potential.