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Four workers from a frontline community agency pose in front of a white delivery van.

We’re there every day.
During times of stability and crisis.

United Way Greater Toronto is the largest investor in social services in the GTA, second only to government. We sustain a vital social safety net that provides hundreds of thousands of people—your friends, neighbours and family—with much-needed support, year-round. Through our network of community agencies, and with your local love, we deliver services and supports to help tackle local poverty and related issues, including hunger, homelessness, social isolation and mental health. 

This network of agencies was on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic—and will be an essential part of our region’s recovery for weeks, months and even years to come.

Here’s how we’re recovering and rebuilding: 

Social infrastructure:

Photo of two hands putting canned goods into a cardboard box.

Our network of 280 agencies sustains a vital social safety net that provides more than 2 million social services annually. As we recover from the crisis, this network will play a vital role in strengthening the GTA and making sure everyone in our community has the support they need to thrive.

Community partnerships 

Photo of Lolley, a young woman dressed in a hard hat preparing to apply drywall.

We are the leading community convener when it comes to bringing government, labour, corporate, community and other partners together to create lasting change across the GTA. Our collaborative approach to tackling pressing local issues means that we can take swift, impactful action, responding to both urgent and ongoing needs.


Photo of a city street under construction at dusk.

Our cutting-edge research on #UNIGNORABLE issues that affect hundreds of thousands of people across the GTA informs our strategic approach to investing in our community and advocacy. We continue to be part of the community-wide conversation on income inequality, housing unaffordability, youth homelessness and more.