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Mothers and children participating in the Jane Street Hub-North York Community Housing - Get Moving After School Program

We fight local poverty, in all its forms

A lack of money. A lack of opportunities, poverty is a big and complex issue that takes many forms. And it threatens the well-being of our entire region, robbing too many people of their potential: kids, youth, seniors, newcomers alike. As the backbone of a community-wide network of agencies and programs, and supported by in-depth research and many strategic partnerships, our goal at United Way is to change that.

We help to fight poverty by:

  • ensuring access to a broad range of programs and services for everyone, close to home
  • building connections to help people work together, developing solutions to local issues that affect them
  • creating opportunities that improve people’s social and economic futures
  • inviting you to be the bedrock—and an active agent—of change in our community

Making progress on poverty in 2017-18

Regional focus, local impact

We came together as United Way Greater Toronto in April 2018, working with communities in Peel, Toronto and York Region to drive systemic change across the region.


invested in 53 partner agencies that delivered 88 programs across Peel Region.

invested in 3 neighbourhood-development projects in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.

Employees at Parkdale Green Thumb Enterprises

Why social works

The social purchasing project, driven by United Way, helps to promote buying from employment social enterprises (ESEs).


Paving the way for change

Community Benefits, thanks to supporters like you, are bringing together partners from labour, private and public sectors to incorporate jobs and opportunities for people in need on large infrastructure projects.


Creating local opportunities

Across the GTA, middle-income neighbourhoods are vanishing, more neighbourhoods are low-income, and high-income neighbourhoods are getting richer. We’re doing something about it.


invested in communities across Toronto and York Region, 65% in Toronto’s inner suburbs and York Region and 35% downtown.

allocated through Youth Success program grants to date in Toronto & York Region.

Ontario for All

Partnering for progress

We brought the community sector and government leaders together to look at 5 issues critical to the future of Ontario.


Collaborating on homelessness

United Way, in partnership with the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessnes, influenced the development of the first-ever National Housing Strategy.


Join us in creating a region where 100% of people experiencing poverty can break free and triumph. Become a part of our uprising of care today.