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United Way Greater Toronto’s latest research surfaces learnings from COVID-19 responses to address critical issues facing communities 

“Collaboration, Cooperation, Co-Creation: Case Studies of Social Service Innovations During COVID-19” is a five case study research series. 

November 3, 2022 (Toronto, ON) – Throughout the pandemic, United Way Greater Toronto’s network of over 300 funded agencies across Peel, Toronto and York mobilized quickly to meet urgent needs – leading to effective innovations with the potential to move the needle on critical issues facing communities.   
Now those innovations – and the lessons they have to offer for meeting urgent needs, overcoming longstanding challenges, and charting a path through instability and uncertainty beyond the pandemic – are detailed in a new case study series called “Collaboration, Cooperation, Co-Creation: Case Studies of Social Service Innovations During COVID-19”, authored by United Way Greater Toronto in partnership with the Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network (PhiLab).   
“A non-profit sector that is rooted in community and fortified by decades of expertise knows where we need to go before a crisis like the pandemic even hits. But times of crisis can spur innovation, accelerate it,” says Daniele Zanotti, CEO of United Way Greater Toronto. “These stories of innovation show that a path forward is not about recovering our pre-COVID ‘normal’ but building something better – and reveal the tools to get there.”  
These tools, the research shows, include flexible funding allowing organizations to target resources to where they are needed most; general operating support allowing agencies to engage in strategic, future-thinking work; deep understanding of community and intersecting issues; and collaborative, cross-sector networks to accelerate problem-solving and amplify impact.   
UWGT has long championed these tools and the innovation they make possible. The case studies series highlights five powerful innovations with lessons to offer for achieving lasting change beyond the pandemic, including:   

The case studies series is the latest addition to United Way Greater Toronto’s body of original research – one of several ways that the organization drives lasting, systems-level solutions to create healthy, safe, and flourishing communities without poverty.

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Lindsay Kwan
Manager, Communications, United Way Greater Toronto

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