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Youth Success Strategy

The future of our community will be shaped by our young people and their ability to succeed. Unfortunately, youth unemployment rates in Toronto have been consistently higher than for young people in the rest of Canada. In addition, changes in the labour market are making it even harder to connect with long-term, stable employment.

Some of our youth have all the advantages and skills they need to succeed in this increasingly competitive landscape. However, other young people face significant barriers to their success like under-education, discrimination and poverty. 

Our Youth Success Strategy (YSS) was designed break down the barriers faced by these youth and connect them to meaningful career opportunities. By 2025, backed by donors like you, we will have connected 10,000 young people to the educations, skills and professional networks and experiences that will put them on the path to long-term economic stability. 

To do this, YSS will bring three important initiatives to life:

Career Navigator: an education-to-employment pipeline designed to help young people get job-ready for one of five sectors that are projected to need skilled workers over the next 25 years.

netWORKS: an employment networking and mentoring initiative that allows young people to make the professional connections they need to find meaningful work.

Youth Success Grants: an investment strategy that focuses on a range of innovative, community based initiatives that are aimed at helping these young people get job ready.