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Women United is a diverse, vibrant community of visionaries and change makers bound together by a powerful sense of belonging—to one another, to our community and to our mission of transforming the lives of women in Peel, Toronto and York Region who are living in poverty.

Together, we leverage our time, talents and funds to empower women in our community to build strong, independent lives. United we are stronger. Together we can create a world full of opportunity for all women.

Because you are ready to speak up, take action and move the needle for women facing poverty here at home.

Because you want to connect with a group of innovative and inspiring women just like you.

Because you know that behind every great woman are the women who have her back.

Mentorship. Commitment. Leadership. Empowerment.

Mission in Action

The collective generosity of Women United members has a lasting impact on the lives of women experiencing poverty across the GTA. Through the Women’s Impact Fund, we support local services and programs for women-identified individuals that are delivered by United Way’s frontline network of agencies.

We work to ensure women have the wraparound supports they need — including access to shelter, housing and childcare— to help them get through crisis, remain out of harm’s way and build strong, independent and financially-secure lives. We also support social change initiatives aimed at empowering girls, interrupting harmful social norms and influencing public policy to address systemic barriers.

Access Employment’s Start Customer Care Program

Operating in Peel and Toronto, this program helps immigrant women who are on social assistance build essential workplace skills, preparing them for employment in the financial, retail or hospitality field.


This program facilitates public policy discussions, is present in courts to challenge unjust laws and engages in media relations as a progressive voice on issues related to violence against women and women's marginalization related to poverty.


This York-based program provides crisis counselling and safe shelter to women and their children. It also supports women and their families as they transition to housing, and provides access to legal, income, health and employment supports.

Women United combines the strength of generous, savvy and accomplished women who are dedicated to building stronger communities. Our members have the talent, expertise and networks necessary to make a real difference.


The money raised by Women United last year, a testament to the power of women when they unite in a common cause.


“It’s so inspiring to connect with people—especially women of different ethnicities and backgrounds—who have achieved success across so many sectors. As an immigrant, I once felt like I didn’t fit in, that I wasn’t enough. The Women United mentors have opened my eyes to new possibilities.” — Gicela, Women United mentee


“My job makes me feel independent and lets me stay actively involved in the community. I think my next step is to go to school so I can tell my daughter I went to university and encourage her to go, as well.” — Sarah, client of Native Child and Family Services


The number of women who are accessing the opportunities they need to create safe, prosperous futures for themselves and their families.


Women United has three membership levels designed to resonate with women at different stages in their lives and careers.

Influencers (donation of $1,200 or more per year)

Advocates (donation of $5,000 or more per year)

Visionaries (donation of $10,000 or more per year)

When you donate to Women United your gift is supporting women and their families across our region. In addition, Women United donors:

  • Receive our quarterly Women United newsletter
  • Are invited to gatherings with passionate, like-minded women
  • Have opportunities to connect with the programs and women they support

What would you say to a woman who's considering joining Women United?

“It is important to give back as soon as you have something to give even if that something to give is small. While philanthropy is usually seen in people’s eyes in terms of large endowments and funds, contributions can be small and can include time as well as money. Look at what you care most about and find something you love to do and the giving becomes easy. Be strategic about your giving no matter how large or small the dollars or investment of time.

And I would encourage anyone who is interested in being part of Women United to be reach out to us and consider becoming a member. We need role models for women and to hear women’s voices in the growing number who exert power and influence in the way they give. Not to sidestep recognition but look to give in ways that make a difference. Women increasingly have the means and the will to invest philanthropically in our community. Please consider Women United as part of that investment in our community.”

Godyne Sibay
Former Co-Chair Women Gaining Ground (now Women United)
Regional Managing Partner, McCarthy Tétrault