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A statement on the allegations against United Way Worldwide

Reported allegations of misconduct at United Way Worldwide are deeply concerning. They are not aligned with what we stand for: creating a safe space for everyone.

In Canada, our national organization is United Way Centraide Canada. We are a member of the international network of United Ways but operate independently as a registered Canadian charity with our own governance, policies and practices. The recently reported allegations and financial issues at United Way Worldwide do not affect or involve United Way Greater Toronto. We remain financially strong and independent.

As a member of United Way Centraide Canada, United Way Greater Toronto is deeply committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive work environment that is free from harassment and violence and that enables all our employees to thrive. We value our employees and have in place the internal policies and procedures to protect them. Maintaining a safe work environment and facilitating an inclusive culture are core values of our organization.

We know that there is room for change, growth and learning and a lot more work that needs to be done to eliminate inequities and oppression of women everywhere. We will continue to push forward tirelessly with this work.

United Way Centraide Canada has been in contact with the Chair of the United Way Worldwide Board of Trustees and the Chair of the United Way USA Board of Trustees to express significant concern over these allegations. Read United Way Centraide Canada’s message to donors, supporters and partners:

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