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United Way Membership

Become a member of United Way

Members approve the fundamental governance structure of United Way Greater Toronto (UWGT), and are entitled to attend the annual meeting to hear reports on our work in the community, receive the annual financial statements, and vote on the appointment of Trustees and auditors, and other special business requiring approval.

By becoming a member, you are unleashing your local love, helping to make critical social issues unignorable. You will be an important part of building a community where poverty has no power.

What is Membership?

Members may be either individuals or organizations*. The rights are the same for both. If you meet the membership qualifications, we invite you to apply for membership for the April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020 term. Our Board of Trustees will review and approve memberships no later than March 31, 2019.

Our membership application process is simple, accessible, and free. Please complete the membership application online or download, complete, and return a hard copy. Membership is free, but to be considered, your application must be received by March 7, 2019.

Online Application

Hard copy application: Individual Application | Organization Application

Our UWGT Membership Rights and Responsibilities contains more information about Membership. If you need additional information, please email corporatesecretary@uwgt.org.

* Organizations will need to identify a primary membership contact. If your organization intends on becoming a member, you may need to determine if there is an internal process to duly authorize membership or the authority of the membership contact to act on behalf of the organization.