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Poverty. Homelessness. Youth unemployment. These are #UNIGNORABLE issues facing our community. But we can tackle them together by showing our local love in the places we live. Here are some examples of local love in action.

Chad wears a tie-dye t-shirt and baseball cap as he holds a box of groceries.


Chad realized he needed help and reached out to a United Way-supported food program. Now he doesn’t have to wonder where his next meal is coming from—and is helping his neighbours get groceries too.

Cindy wears a striped t-shirt and sits on a bench.


A United Way-supported program provided Cindy with a safe space to build her social skills and gain confidence. Now she wants more people to have access to the kind of support she has.

Colette wears a black dress with a white bow and sits outside in front of flowers.


Colette led an active life until the pandemic hit and left her feeling isolated in her seniors’ residence. A United Way-funded agency helped her get back into circulation.

Laura stands in front of a field of flowers wearing sunglasses.


United Way’s mental health resources helped Laura see how powerful it could be to navigate the challenges she faced—and find a new outlook on life.

Photo of Michele wearing a white dress in a garden.


After a positive experience at a United Way-supported food bank, Michele started giving back by volunteering. Now she wants everyone to show their local love by getting involved too.

Photo of Premji sitting on a bench.


Premji turned to a United Way agency when his wife Shanta was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. What he didn’t expect was to also find community for himself.

Photo of Sylvanna standing in front of a tree.


A United Way-funded youth program helped Sylvanna come out of her shell and provided her with the tools she needed to successfully apply to university.

Selfie of Gabor wearing a red shirt printed with maple leaves.


Gabor and members of his family spent two months sleeping on park benches when they first arrived in Canada. A United Way agency helped his family find stable housing and a sense of normalcy. 



After leaving an abusive relationship, a United Way-supported program provided Vilma and her son with the counselling, legal services and housing they needed to start their healing process. Now, Vilma helps other women fleeing violence, working as a counsellor at the agency that helped her.

Selfie photo of Jermain in a sweatshirt, hard hat and reflective vest with an overlaid animation depicting a person with a backpack, a person with a graduation cap and a person working on a construction site.


After experiencing unemployment, Jermain was connected to a United Way-supported program that helped him enter an apprenticeship in the trades. 

Portrait photo of Joanne.


After losing her job, Joanne struggled to support her family while her husband was incarcerated. A job at a United Way agency helped her get back on her feet.

Selfie photo of Wade.


After struggling with addiction for most of his life, Wade decided something had to change. A United Way-supported shelter helped him find stable housing and connected him to the support he needed to get sober.



After being persecuted for her gender identity, Xica found the acceptance she needed at a United Way-supported program. 



A United Way-supported program helped Marissa to share her mental health struggles by boosting her self-esteem. Now, she wants to show her local love by helping other girls to be their authentic selves.



After having difficulty searching for a job on his own, Domenic found the resources he needed at a United Way-supported agency. Now, he’s pursuing a career in science with a supportive community at his back.

Andrew on a climbing gym


A United Way-supported agency helped Andrew to find a group of friends and feel like he belonged. Now, he wants to show his local love by taking on a leadership role for younger kids.



A United Way-supported agency connected Lyla to a job that gave her a sense of purpose. Now, she wants to show her local love by helping other people overcome barriers.



After finding refuge in Canada from Sri Lanka, Arumugam longed to connect with people so he felt less alone in his new home. Thanks to a United Way-supported agency, he found a new community—and connected with old friends from back home.