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Poverty. Homelessness. Youth unemployment. These are #UNIGNORABLE issues facing our community. But we can tackle them together by showing our local love in the places we live. Here are some examples of local love in action.



After finding refuge in Canada from Sri Lanka, Arumugam longed to connect with people so he felt less alone in his new home. Thanks to a United Way-supported agency, he found a new community—and connected with old friends from back home.

Cecil & Zoe

Cecil & Zoe

Cecil shows his local love by supporting social enterprises—like the one that helped Zoe find meaningful employment and get back on track.

Travis & Daniel

Daniel & Travis

Daniel unleashes his local love at his workplace campaign—which funds the kind of vital, community-based supports that helped Travis get back on his feet.

Emily & Wendy

Wendy & Emily

Wendy learned the importance of giving back at a young age. Now, she unleashes her local love by helping kids like Emily finish high school.

AJ & Ken

AJ & Ken

United Way helped Ken when he was a struggling single parent—now he shows his local love by ensuring people like AJ can get support, too.

Jayce & Alixandra

Alixandra & Jayce

Alixandra unleashes her local love by volunteering at a literacy camp, helping kids like Jayce’s read more confidently.

Mike & Asare

Asare & Mike

As a young man, Asare found mentorship through a community program. Now, he shows his local love by paying it forward, supporting drop-in centres like the one that helped Mike find a stable home.

Nuhaa & Samantha

Nuhaa & Samantha

Samantha’s act of local love—volunteering at a United Way agency—means kids like Nuhaa get the best start in life.

Rose & Theresa

Theresa & Rose

Theresa volunteers to show her local love—supporting the organization that empowered Rose to envision a brighter future for herself.

Atiya & Humaira

Atiya & Humaria

Atiya shows her local love by helping Humaira and other women experiencing domestic violence connect to community supports.

Gisèle & Mario

Gisele & Mario

Mario unleashes his local love by giving back—ensuring families like Gisèle’s can access crucial mental health supports.

Mélanie & Virginie

Melanie & Virginie

Virginie shows her local love by volunteering, helping people like Mélanie get the housing support they need.



Acts of local love connected Shakirat to a skills training program—and helped her find a job.



An act of local love helped Jasmine connect to a drop-in and find a safe place to live.



Local love supported the pre-apprenticeship program that helped Lolley learn a trade.