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Lead the Uprising

Leadership donors are a group of dedicated individuals who love where they live and want to make a difference when it comes to fighting local poverty in all its forms. By giving $1,200 or more annually to United Way, you’ll become part of an unstoppable force for community change, joining thousands of other Leadership donors in Peel, Toronto and York Region’s record-breaking Uprising of Care. 

Benefits of becoming a Leader

  • Exclusive Invite: Join us at Songs of the City, a special soirée for Leadership donors that celebrates the impact of your giving.
  • Special Recognition: We’ll recognize your generous contribution in our online Leadership Honour Roll
  • Thank-you Gift: Pending your level of giving, we’ll celebrate you with a special thank-you gift acknowledging your generous donation.

Why United Way? 

Leadership donors fuel our work fighting for a community where poverty has no power.  When you join us, you’ll play an important role in supporting a strong social safety net that helps people when, and where, they need it most. If you’re considering joining us, here’s why your gift to United Way is a smart investment in the future. We:  

  • Amplify your investments beyond one issue or one community
  • Convene the right stakeholders to generate powerful change
  • Leverage government and other investments to accelerate progress
  • Conduct rigorous research to isolate critical and relevant needs


Image of Joseph Silve a leadership donor
As someone whose own life has been touched by the kindness of others, I know how much a helping hand matters. Looking back, the issues that United Way champions were issues that impacted me, including supports for newcomers and youth empowerment. At our core, we all want to matter—to look back and know that we made a difference.

–Joseph Silva, Leadership donor & GenNext Cabinet Co-Chair