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Our community can’t recover without Leaders like you

The GTA, including your own friends and neighbours, has been deeply affected by COVID-19 and will need your support in the months and years ahead. Make a Leadership gift of $1,200+ to help people get back to work, find housing and keep food on the table so they don’t fall further behind. You’ll be supporting a strong and resilient social safety net that will help us get through this together.

Join a dynamic community 

Benefits of being a Leadership donor include:

  • Impact: Your generosity will power our network of community agencies, which is doing everything from meeting urgent housing needs to tackling child poverty. 
  • Recognition: All Leadership donors who directly support United Way Greater Toronto’s work in the community will be recognized in our online Honour Roll. 
  • Special Invite: You’ll get exclusive access to Songs of the City, a night of music and storytelling. We’ll sing your praises and celebrate the local love you show for our community. 

He's in. Are you?

Image of Joseph Silva, a donor
Looking back, the issues that United Way champions were issues that impacted me, including supports for newcomers and youth empowerment. At our core, we all want to matter—to look back and know that we made a difference.

–Joseph Silva, donor 


Our promise to you  

United Way will put your dollars to work where, and when, they’re needed most. We are committed to: 

  • Partnering with local government and agencies to meet local needs
  • Providing ongoing flexible funding to agencies
  • Strengthening our social safety net so our community is supported during, and after, recovery
  • Working on the frontlines of a community response to poverty
  • Leveraging research and policy insights to ensure strategic action
  • Scaling our efforts at a local, regional and provincial level

We're in this together   

Become a Leadership donor and help us keep our community strong, connected and supported now and for years to come.