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Chetan Malhotra with Kenn Richard, Executive Director at Native Child and Family Services of Toronto.

United Way’s Pedro Barata (left), Senior Vice President of Community Impact and Strategy, and Heather Mason-Wood, member of our Board of Trustees, poses with Deputy Minister Alexander Bezzina, who accepted the 2017 Spirit of Community Award on behalf of Ontario Public Service.

True community spirit

In January, we announced all the winners of our 2017 Spirit Awards—including the coveted Spirit of Community Award, which celebrates the organization that showed extra-big heart through its partnership with United Way. Our congratulations and thanks to Ontario Public Service for supporting Community Benefits and local youth, for strengthening Employment Standards through Bill 148, for steering recommendations on helping the poorest Ontarians, and for their investments and strategies around affordable housing and homelessness. All that, and they raised more than $7.4 million across the province, including $3.1 million right here in Toronto and York Region! Outstanding? Yep, in a “Standing O” kind of way.

With every issue of our e-newsletter, we highlight an organization or donor who goes above and beyond in making a real difference for our community. We call them Community Heroes!