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2020-2021 Board of Trustees

We’re tremendously grateful to our 2020-2021 Board of Trustees—a group of passionate and dedicated community champions—who are helping us make local issues including poverty, hunger and homelessness #UNIGNORABLE. It’s thanks to their remarkable leadership, strategic vision, and local love, that we’re ensuring individuals and families across Greater Toronto can thrive—regardless of postal code or circumstance.

Officers of the Corporation

  • Andrew Pickersgill
    Andrew Pickersgill
    Chair, Board of Trustees
    McKinsey & Company Canada
  • Bruce McCuaig
    Bruce McCuaig
    Vice Chair, Finance & Treasurer
  • John Cartwright
    John Cartwright
    Vice Chair, Labour
    Toronto & York Region Labour Council

  • Patricia O’Campo
    Vice Chair, Community Impact
    St. Michael's Hospital
  • Jamison Steeve
    Jamison Steeve
    Vice Chair, Resource Development
    Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society

Members at Large

  • Betsey Chung
    Betsey Chung
    TD Bank Group
  • Cheryl Craig
    Cheryl Craig
    Peel Regional Labour Council
  • Katherine Dudtschak
    Katherine Dudtschak
  • Lisa Gonsalves
    Lisa Gonsalves
    The Regional Municipality of York
  • Mohammed Hashim
    Mohammed Hashim
    Toronto & York Region Labour Council
  • Mariam Hashmi
    Mariam Hashmi
    Technology Management Professional
  • Wayne Halenda
    Wayne Halenda
    Independent Consultant
  • Nancy McConnell
    Nancy McConnell
    Google Canada 
  • Islay McGlynn
    Islay McGlynn
  • James Meadows
    James Meadows
    Manitou Investment Management Ltd.
  • Jane Rowe
    Jane Rowe
    Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
  • Elain Walsh
    Elaine Walsh
    Hill House Hospice (Retired)
  • Mark Wiseman
    Mark Wiseman
    Global Investment Executive

Chief Executive Officer

  • Daniele Zanotti
    Daniele Zanotti
    President and CEO
    United Way Greater Toronto

Note: The CEO reports to our Board of Trustees, and is not a member of the Board.