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Partnership Expectations

The following partnership expectations will apply to organizations that are selected for funding under the United Way Toronto & York Region’s (UWTYR) YSS Development Grant Funding Stream:


  • The agency will not encourage its own staff, volunteers, and Board members to designate their UWTYR donations back to their agency during the UWTYR fundraising campaign
  • The agency will not approach companies on UWTYR’s “Protected Companies List” during UWTYR campaign period (September 1st – November 15th), including corporate head office, local branches and foundations. (Note: UWTYR will review and update this list annually and share it with agencies)
  • The agency may run special events targeted to the general public during the early part of the UWTYR campaign period (September 1st – November 15th) as long as the following conditions are adhered to:
    • all materials related to the event must identify the agency as a UWTYR partner
    • corporations or workplaces on the UWTYR’s “Protected Companies List” will not be approached for any type of involvement in the event during the UWTYR campaign period
    • the event does not take place on the same day as the Annual UWTYR Kick-Off event 
  • The agency will not solicit employees in other workplaces for funds for their own agency at any time during the year
  • The agency will have the option to raise funds for UWTYR through a UWTYR workplace campaign for employees of the agency or contribute to the UWTYR campaign through a special event

Promotion of UWTYR

  • The agency will post the UWTYR logo in program space (exceptions may be made but should be discussed with UWTYR staff) and may place the logo in other visible locations with agreement from UWTYR
  • The agency will place the UWTYR logo on the program page of website 
  • The agency will place the UWTYR logo at program-related community/public events
  • The agency will place UWTYR logo or wordmark on program reports and other program-related communication materials, excluding any mass media advertising or fundraising promotions outside of the campaign period
  • The agency will mention UWTYR in all media interviews, releases or alerts featuring the program where other funders are mentioned


  • The agency will consult on sector and city-wide initiatives with UWTYR (on a case by case basis, depending on issues and opportunities)
  • The agency will work with UWTYR to develop new donor engagement opportunities and will be expected to participate in some of the current initiatives, as requested:
    • Stories and photo content (where appropriate)
    • Impact numbers for program
    • Testimonials from program
    • Agency Tours, Days of Caring, and Speaker Bureau related to program


  • In addition, UWTYR may ask agencies to participate in some of the following:
    • Connecting UWTYR to program participants or clients to participate in media, events or donor engagement activities when requested
    • Providing access to space for meetings, events, media shoots (where appropriate)

Reporting and accountability

  • Agencies will be requested to report regularly to UWTYR on the outcomes and impact of programs and use of UWTYR funds as outlined in funding agreements