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Youth in Action Grants Request for Proposals

  1. Information Sessions
  2. Funding Guidelines

Information Sessions

United Way staff will be offering information sessions in form of conference/ video calls throughout the month of March 2019. In person meetings may be requested as well. Email cthompson@uwgt.org to request an appointment or sign up for a meeting to learn more.

Funding Guidelines


The Youth In Action Grants is an offering dedicated to developing leaders of the future who are dedicated to community impact and the mission to fight poverty in all its forms. The grant is a one-time youth initiative grant up to $2,000 that aligns closely with our Youth Success Strategy and program and elements of the Community Sector Service Strategy points pertaining to youth.


The grants are provided to youth-led initiatives that are aligned with United Way’s goals of supporting youth to develop leadership skills, soft skills, and an understanding of why organizations such as United Way exist.


Youth-led groups can apply for up to $2,000. (Funding covers a small project or projects over the months of May-August 2019)


To be considered eligible, an application for Youth in Action Grant must address the following:

  1. Incorporate at least one of the Youth Success Strategy (YSS) outcomes:
    1. Increase access to post-secondary education e.g., soliciting workshops from university/ college/ trades – registrar/ student life offices, etc.
    2. Develop access to work-relevant networks e.g., soliciting workshops from business/ entrepreneurs – e.g., coding, design, business, etc.
    3. Increase access to experiences that build employer- recognized soft skills e.g., self-esteem building/ time management sessions, resume critiques events, networking events, etc.

  2. Incorporate at least one of the Youth Development strategies aligned with the Community Sector Services Strategy (CSS):
    1. Support positive interactions and meaningful relationships with peers and adults at home, in school and in the neighbourhood; e.g., invite groups to come connect with them
    2. Promote meaningful participation in, and contributions to, community; promote leadership opportunities; e.g., the projects themselves empower youth to be leaders leading projects, speaking, engaging and empowering their fellow classmates and youth
    3. Encourage and support youth to complete high school; and support youth to develop purpose and aspirations for their future e.g., the initiatives focus on some type of motivation initiatives that in itself promote higher learning, applying oneself and future opportunities

  3. Additional outcomes to choose from (1 minimum):
    1. Youth have increased positive skills and healthy lifestyles, including increased awareness about mental health
    2. Youth have increased positive social skills to succeed, respect diversity, personal empowerment and self-confidence
    3. Increased youth engagement, leadership opportunities and inclusion in their families, school and community
    4. Children and youth have increased social competence, including life skills and school success
    5. Youth have been provided with information to help them identify services within their city and neighbouhoods that help with accessing basic needs in life

  4. Reflect genuine youth volunteer ownership and leadership in their design, implementation and evaluation

  5. Provide a clear and achievable action and evaluation plan, clearly defining the outcome(s) that the project is striving to achieve

  6. Build and strengthen skills and abilities of youth involved with the project

  7. Clearly benefit the local community as well as support neighbourhood development

  8. Be inclusive and accessible to your target group (i.e., language and/or cultural diversity)


Sample eligible activities can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Workshops/ symposiums/ meeting groups/ presentations
  • Interactive youth events
  • Outreach and community engagement for the purpose of strengthening key YSS and CSS outcomes as listed above

Activities ineligible for funding:

  • Projects that are for youth but not initiated or led by youth
  • Projects not inclusive and accessible to all
  • Overnight camps, workshops or activities
  • Fundraising projects for other groups, organizations, religious groups or political organizations
  • Projects that include alcohol
  • Projects that require membership fees in clubs
  • Projects that use funds to pay fines and penalties
  • Political/partisan activities


  • Youth between 14-24
  • Youth residing in Peel Region (Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga)
  • Youth must seek out a United Way funded agency as the sponsoring mentorship organization that United Way can release the funds to and then provide to the youth. Contact cthompson@uwgt.org if you require a list of qualified UWGT funded sponsoring agencies)


Request for Proposals launched in Grants Online (GO) system March 1, 2019
Information session March 2019 (on request)
RFP Deadline March 29, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.
Review and recommendations April 2019
Communication with agencies Late April 2019


Interested youth groups and initiatives who meet the above criteria and wish to apply and have questions about their eligibility should contact United Way to discuss their interest and to receive the RFP.

Chris Thompson
Associate Manager, Community & Civic Engagement
(416) 777-1444 ext. 870