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Why We Need You

The pandemic made the issues at the root of poverty in the GTA unignorable—and hasn’t affected everyone equally. COVID-19 is exacerbating the inequities that divide our community, pushing people further into precarity.


placeholder Food security has been exacerbated
placeholder Layoffs have skyrocketed for low-wage workers


placeholder The housing crisis has gotten worse
placeholder Mental health is worsening


Say ‘yes’ to an equitable recovery

When this crisis is behind us, we will face an extraordinary challenge. How do we build back better in the face of increased inequality and deepening poverty across the GTA? Join our 2021 Community Recovery Campaign today to help us:

  • Meet fundamental needs
  • Tackle local poverty by dismantling the discrimination and inequity at its root
  • Build an equitable recovery

Help us lead with local solutions

United Way works in lockstep with local agencies, residents who know their communities best and donors like you. We design solutions that prioritize the people and places who are being left behind. Now, we are calling on you to join us as we ignite an equitable community recovery.

Learn more:

Join our 2021 Community Recovery Campaign

Help us invest $105 million in community this year to show your GTA friends and neighbours that local love lives here.