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Visual Materials

In this section, you’ll find a variety of visual documents that you can download and print out, which will help you promote your United Way workplace campaign.

Download and Use United Way Logos

The following rules of usage will give you the information you need to effectively use United Way logos (see the PDF below) in your workplace campaign efforts. Please read this important guide before downloading and using the various logos (see the zip files).

Download the Logo Usage Guidelines
Download United Way Greater Toronto Logos (ZIP)
Download United Way Canada/Centraide Logos (ZIP) 


Make the Month

With this interactive tool, you can experience the daily financial challenges faced by people and families living in poverty.

Speakers Bureau Videos

Speakers Bureau videos are an alternative to having a speaker attend one of your events. The speakers in each video share about their unique and powerful experiences, either as an employee or client of a United Way funded agency. See the Speakers Bureau videos.

Print Materials

Thermometer Poster

Use this blank thermometer image to indicate your workplace’s progress against your fundraising goal. 
Download Toronto & York Region PDF Poster | Download National English PDF Poster

Campaign Poster

An inspiring poster that you can print and post around your workplace, reminding everyone to pledge. 
Download Toronto & York Region PDF Poster | Download National English PDF Poster