A tower that represents the 116,317 GTA individuals and families struggling to put a roof over their heads. This tower isn’t real. The problem it represents is.

Poverty in the GTA can be easy to ignore. This tower would make it #UNIGNORABLE.

With its beautiful skyline, the GTA appears to be a prosperous and thriving region. In many respects, it is. At the same time, it’s the poverty capital of Canada with 1 in 7 residents currently struggling to make ends meet.

Standing at over 2.5 times the height of the CN Tower, The #UNIGNORABLE Tower was imagined to represent the scale of the problem, and bring attention to this big and complicated issue.

Now that you see the problem, help us fight it.

This tower represents just one part of a bigger, more complicated problem. Poverty impacts people in many ways and in almost every aspect of their lives. Your donation supports United Way and our network of 270 community agencies working on the front lines to fight poverty in the GTA and helping people and their families thrive.