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Show Your Local Love

Do you love where you live? Want to make this place even better? We invite you to show your local love!

Whether you call Peel, Toronto or York Region home, our communities all face the same unignorable issues—including poverty, homelessness, social isolation and mental illness. And, whether you consider yourself a slacktivist or full-on activist, make no mistake about it: your tiny action can have a massive impact.

Take action today

Register to climb the CN Tower

Climb for your community: The CN Tower Climb for United Way, happening on November 24 and 25, is a great way to step up—way up—against local poverty.

Get inspired with simple ways to give back

Get the guide to doing good: LoveLove.ca offers a weekly newsletter that’s full of smart and simple ways to become a local, everyday changemaker.

Learn more about local social issues

Become better informed: Increase your understanding of the social issues that affect our local communities—and how we can work together to confront them, head-on.

Make a donation and it will be matched

Double your impact: All new Leadership gifts ($1,200+) and Leadership gift increases will be matched, thanks to the Stephen Smith Family Challenge Grant.

Get Unignorable Apparel

Visit the Peace Collective’s website to purchase a T-shirt and help drive awareness for the #UNIGNORABLE issues facing our communities.

T-shirts that say Unignorable multiple times on them