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Our promise to you 

When a crisis hits, it’s vital to ensure that we work quickly, effectively and strategically. That’s our responsibility and commitment to the community we live in—and to supporters like you.  

United Way Greater Toronto makes vital connections  between donors, government and businesses  to  ensure that no need  goes unmet and no gap goes unnoticed. Here’s how:   

Connecting you   

You have trusted us with your donation. We ensure your gift goes where it’s needed most right now. We identify those needs in two ways: 

  1. Partnering with local government and community agencies 
  2. Asking our front-line agencies to submit funding applications to help with increased demand for services as well as emergency needs in their neighourhoods 

We ensure we aren’t duplicating investments from other funders (including all levels of government) and review applications—rigorously but quickly—to get funds out quickly to agencies on the frontlines.

Connecting with government  

Government plays a crucial role in supporting our community agencies. That’s why we’re establishing connections between municipal governments and our network of agencies. This means we can identify shared priorities, meet emerging and urgent needs in real time, combine resources and co-ordinate responses efficiently.    

You can learn more about how we’re  putting your dollars to work  on the  front lines  of our community response  to COVID-19  here. 

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