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Webinar on Program Design

Supporting Program Design and Development

Understanding how to design and develop good programs is critical to providing services that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Good programs involve an understanding of community needs, stakeholder interests and organizational capacity. While programs vary in size and scope, there are key elements that are the same across programs. This webinar focuses on the key steps in program design and development including:

  • Determining the need for the program
  • Making the case for the program (using data and evidence)
  • Designing and piloting the program
  • Addressing implementation challenges
  • Monitoring and evaluating the program  

The webinar is presented by Andrew Taylor who co-owns Taylor Newberry, a consulting company that works with nonprofits, grantmakers and governments on program design, needs assessment, and evaluation. Andrew is an instructor for the Program Evaluation and Organizational Development certificate program at Wilfrid Laurier University. He is also Resident Evaluation Expert at the Ontario Nonprofit Network.

1. Needs Assessment & Engagement

3. Evaluation and Learning

2. Building a Program Plan

4. Communicating About Your Program