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Donor Profile

Nicolas Marcoux

My wife and I are lucky to have three healthy kids and we feel we are among the fortunate ones in society. But we also know that there are people in our country—including our community’s youth—who have less access to opportunity. It’s one of the many reasons I got involved in United Way’s Inclusive Local Economic Opportunity project in the Greater Golden Mile. It’s a neighbourhood that’s only a few kilometres from Toronto’s downtown core, and yet it’s easy to see the gap between the wealthy and those who are less fortunate. We think it’s important to help bridge that gap and create equal opportunity and inclusiveness for all. It’s not just about sharing wealth but also knowledge. That’s why we launched our New world. New skills. initiative at PwC. We’re committed to sharing digital skills with non-profits and communities so that people from any background can have better opportunities for themselves and their families.