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Shayan struggled to find meaningful work as a newcomer until an opportunity to participate in United Way’s netWORKS program opened the door to a full-time job in the banking industry.

United Way’s netWORKS program was created to help young people access professional networks, which we know are an increasingly vital part of getting job-ready and securing economic opportunities. The program collaborates with agencies and employers to offer career-oriented networking and mentoring connections through training, group and individual sessions, and structured one-on-one relationships.

Mentors and mentees receive training, participate in group and individual networking sessions, and have the opportunity for more in-depth, structured one-on-one mentoring relationships.


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youth enrolled in netWORKS, while 14 employers hosted 45 networking sessions and provided various supports to youth since 2015.


youth connected with industry leaders at one or more group networking sessions, gaining fresh perspectives and building key professional connections.

Are you a young person interested in being mentored? Are you a corporation interested in engaging your employees as mentors? Contact us at networks@uwgt.org