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Loving this place we call home is a feeling we all know well, no matter where we are within the GTA. That’s what compels each of us—as residents, as neighbours, as community members—to take action and ignite positive change for everyone. That also goes for the countless workplaces embracing and amplifying efforts around creating that change. Through their generosity, their time and, ultimately, their decision to act, each of these organizations is doing its part to strengthen local communities across our region.


Left to right: Kyla Redden, Jacquie Ryan and Rob McGavin

With a workforce of more than 88,000 strong, Scotiabank has teamwork down to a fine art. Teamwork that extends beyond its own walls. The desire for all people—especially young people—to have the opportunity to succeed is the bedrock of a long-standing partnership between Scotiabank and United Way. And it’s a partnership that is embraced and encouraged from the top down: “Together,” says Brian Porter, Scotiabank’s President and CEO, and United Way Greater Toronto’s 2018 Campaign Chair, “we can create a stronger future for individuals—and for Greater Toronto.” Read the full profile ⇨


Left to right: Sandra Bouchard, Chris Hewat and Sarah O’Grady

Blakes is a leading business law firm with 11 locations in Canada and around the world. But, its heart is forever rooted at home—wherever that may be for each and every employee. “It’s important for us to be a participating member, with both feet in, of any community we’re a part of,” says Chris Hewat, a Senior Partner in Toronto. Indeed, when it comes to building strong communities across our region, it matters who you partner with. Read the full profile ⇨


Left to right: Marc Muzzo and Jim V. De Gasperis

As the visionaries and co-founders behind York Region’s annual Building Industry Luncheon, Fred De Gasperis and Marco Muzzo Sr. understood that building a community is about more than bricks and mortar. Today, their sons—Jim V. De Gasperis and Marc Muzzo, respectively—have proudly taken the reins in co-chairing the annual event. And they’re hardly alone in sustaining their fathers’ original vision: to date, the event has raised more than $11 million for the community. Read the full profile ⇨


Left to right: Janet Yee, Domenic Naccarato and Carrie Brown

The world of insurance can be complex. But, when it comes to future-proofing through giving back, it’s simple. Each year, Intact encourages its employees across Greater Toronto (and the country) to invest in making their local communities better for everyone—family, friends, neighbours and customers alike. It’s this decision, on both the employee and the company level, that helps to protect what matters: our local communities and all who call them home. Read the full profile ⇨