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Impact Statements

In this section, you’ll find a selection of documents that will help demonstrate to your coworkers the impact of their donations and generosity.

Impact of Donations

Information about the impact that donations have in the community by showing what our agencies are able to accomplish in one year. The following statistics show how your generosity is helping United Way connect people to the resources and supports they need to thrive.
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Impact Statements

The following statistics showing how your generosity is making an impact on the lives of those in our community. Use these one-line statements in your email, social media, during talks and at workplace event speeches to help illustrate how dollar amounts translate into services and supports.
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These stories are from individual United Way funded initiatives, programs or agencies, featuring individual people who have been impacted by the generosity of donors. You can include these stories in your communications to build support for your workplace campaign.

Moving people from poverty to possibility

The following stories illustrate how with your support, we’re able to help move people from a life of poverty to one full of opportunity. You can share them with your colleagues in various ways, such as via email, social media or on your intranet.

Empowering women one outfit at a time / National story (PDF)

Adding dignity to a healthy diet (PDF)

A door to opportunity (PDF)

Working toward a better future (PDF)

Building strong communities

The following stories illustrate how we’re able to empower individuals and promote wellbeing through a variety of community services to ensure people have access to support, regardless of where they live. You can share these stories with your colleagues in various ways, such as via email, social media, or on your intranet.

A community in tune (PDF)

The hope of a brighter future (PDF)

The future is friendly (PDF)

A Mind at Peace / National story  (PDF)

Healthy Living in Clearwater, B.C. / National Story: United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo (PDF)

Amélioration des conditions de vie / Histoire nationale: Centeraide Lanaudière (PDF)

Helping kids be all they can be

The following stories illustrate how we’re able to put kids on the path to success by investing in their development from early childhood to young adulthood, ensuring they have the opportunities they need to thrive. You can share these stories with your colleagues in various ways, such as via email, social media, or intranet.

A friendly connection to community (PDF)

A welcome start to summer (PDF)

Taking “steps” to leave substance abuse behind / National Story: United Way Centeraide Ottawa (PDF)

Giving children the tools to cope with mental illness / National story (PDF)

Sharing their stories through digital media / National story (PDF)

Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets describe the work United Way funds in 12 specific areas. The sheets include the trends in our city related to the area, a short story of a funded agency, fast facts about the issue, and related impact statements. These sheets are helpful when you have a donor interested in a specific area of our work who would like additional information.

Building strong neighbourhoods (PDF) 

Helping people to find employment (PDF)

Ensuring that people have mental-health supports (PDF)

Giving young children a healthy start (PDF)

Helping newcomers settle and integrate (PDF)

Helping school-aged children learn and develop (PDF)

Helping seniors live independently (PDF)

Inspiring youth to realize their potential (PDF)

Helping people with disabilities to live independently (PDF)

Supporting people to get the food they need (PDF)

Supporting people who are homeless (PDF)

Supporting women who have been abused (PDF)

Download All Fact Sheets (PDF)