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Amahley a client at JobStart with an employment counsellor

From poverty to possibility

The trend

Our labour market has changed dramatically over the past few decades. The unemployment rate has remained stubbornly high and job quality has declined. Today, only 60% of all workers in the Greater Toronto Area and 79% of workers in York Region have stable, secure jobs. This leaves many people precariously employed and unsure of their ability to provide even the most basic necessities for their household.

The goal

With your help, we can provide people living in poverty with the services and opportunities they need to realize a brighter future.

The strategy

We improve access to critical social services that support people’s basic needs: food, shelter and employment. We also go beyond treating the symptoms of poverty, by researching and addressing its underlying causes.

The results

In 2015–16…

195 programs and services offered help with food, shelter and employment.

341 marginalized people found welcoming job environments through the Toronto Enterprise Fund.

71,000 nights of shelter were provided to people facing homelessness.

37,000+ people got help to find employment accessing programs that offer employment counselling and assessment, training and certification, job placements and mentorship, and networking opportunities that helped them build skills, find jobs and gain support during times of transition.