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Sarah Chandler

Sarah Chandler

Sarah transformed our York Region Office into a bright, modern workspace that brings to life United Way’s culture and values. From planning and negotiating to organizing and setting up the new space, Sarah remained upbeat and focused throughout. Sarah ensured timelines were met, staff input was considered and never hesitated to roll up her sleeves.

BMO Inclusive Local Economic Opportunities Initiative Team: Mariane Asma, Joanna Barrington, Alex Dow, Jasmin Kay, Laura Quinn, Juneeja Varghese & Selena Zhang

BMO Inclusive Local Economic Opportunities Initiative Team

This team brought to life our first multi-year co-creation initiative with a major corporate donor. The result was a partnership with BMO designed to create inclusive local economic opportunities across the region. The team showed how departments can integrate internally and align in how we approach our work—creating meaningful experiences for donors and greater community impact.

Fundraiser Enablement Team: Mary Cranston, Stefanie Lamanna & Nicole McVan

Fundraiser Enablement Team

This team spearheaded a multi-faceted collection of initiatives to support the success of United Way’s fundraising activities. Nicole and Mary’s creative thinking and Stefanie’s adult learning expertise fuelled innovation—helping to train United Way fundraisers, while also welcoming and inspiring others across the organization to be part of our fundraising success.