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Capital Club

Local. Love. Leadership.

Capital Club members are the transformational philanthropists behind our community’s collective success.  By investing $100,000 or more annually in United Way, you can join an exclusive group of donors who are part of our region’s largest-ever Uprising of Care and represent the bedrock of change in our community. We invite you to learn more about joining the Capital Club by clicking below. You can also call 416-777-1444 ext. 327.

Benefits of membership

We’re pleased to offer you exclusive benefits to match your exceptional level of giving. 

  • Exclusive Access: Connect directly with United Way’s CEO, members of our senior executive team and community and agency leaders.
  • VIP Event Treatment: Enjoy VIP benefits at our special events, including Songs of the City, Community Circle, our AGM, and others. And bring your family along for exclusive event participation opportunities.
  • First-to-know Insight: Get an inside look into the work of United Way through community impact-related events including Career Navigator™ graduations and research report launches.
  • Customized Family & Professional Volunteering: Volunteer with your loved ones in the community or put your strategic skills to work by volunteering at United Way or for our network of community partners.
  • Impact Tours & Opportunities: Take a personalized neighbourhood tour with your family to get an up-close-and-personal look at the issues facing our community.

Why United Way?

As a Capital Club member, you can be a catalyst for change in the places we live and love. Your hearts, hands and extraordinary generosity will help form the foundation of our region’s collective success. You’ll also be an integral part of our movement to build a community where poverty has no power. Here’s why your gift to United Way is a smart investment in the future. We: 

  • Amplify your investments beyond one issue or one community
  • Convene the right stakeholders to generate powerful change
  • Leverage government and other investments to accelerate progress
  • Conduct rigorous research to isolate critical and relevant needs
Image of Stephen Smith
We have a long and important connection to United Way, one that represents a commitment to real, sustainable change. This is an organization that has a direct impact on individuals and families in the places we call home.

–Stephen Smith, Capital Club member



  • Mr. & Mrs. William & Lorna Anderson
  • Mr. & Mrs. R. Jamie & Patsy Anderson
  • Mr. & Mrs. William & Karen Barnett
  • Mrs. Beverly Bennett
  • Mr. & Mrs. Grant & Alice Burton
  • Mr. & Mrs. W. Edmund & Frances Clark
  • Mr. Dean Connor & Ms. Maris Uffelmann
  • Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Ramona Cronin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Theresa Currie
  • Mr. Stephen Dent & Mrs. Janet MacLaren
  • Mr. & Ms. Victor & Maureen Dodig
  • Mr. Robert Dorrance & Ms. Gail Drummond
  • Mr. & Mrs. William & Robin Downe
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Ellen Eisenberg
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Shelagh Godsoe
  • Mr. & Mrs. John & Jolene Gordon
  • Mr. & Mrs. Roy & Sarah Gori
  • Ms. Shirley Granovsky
  • A & M Green Foundation
  • Mr. Peter Griffin & Ms. Ann Whalen
  • Mr. Donald Guloien & Ms. Irene Boychuk
  • Mr. Chris Hoffmann & Dr. Joan Eakin
  • Mr. Donald K. Johnson and Mrs. Anna McCowan-Johnson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Colleen Johnston
  • Mr. & Ms. Jack & Patricia Kay
  • Mr. & Ms. Bharat & Shabnam Masrani
  • Mr. & Mrs. Judy & Wilmot Matthews
  • Mr. & Mrs. Troy & Janine Maxwell
  • Mr. Al Meghji & Ms. Diana Belevsky
  • Mr. & Ms. Seth & Theresa Mersky
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gord & Janet Nixon
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Martha Pedersen
  • Mr. & Mrs. James & Sandra Pitblado
  • Mr. & Ms. Brian & Megan Porter
  • Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Valerie Pringle
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Janice Sabourin
  • Mr. Gerald Schwartz & Ms. Heather Reisman
  • Mr. Gerald Sheff & Ms. Shanitha Kachan
  • Mr. & Ms. Paul & Patricia Shugart
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Donna Slaight
  • Mr. Stephen Smith & Ms. Diane Blake
  • Mr. Peter Snucins
  • Mr. & Mrs. Hap & Barbara Stephen
  • Mr. & Ms. Frank & Maria Techar
  • Mr. Eric Tripp & Ms. Maria Smith
  • Mr. & Mrs. William & Kathleen Troost
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rick & Lynne Waugh
  • Mr. & Ms. William & Bronwen Thomas
  • The Henry White Kinnear Foundation
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Libby Winograd
  • Mr. Mark Wiseman & Ms. Marcia Moffat
  • Mr. J. Ronald Woods
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Joan Wright