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Image of Lynn Waugh

Lynne Waugh (pictured at her home in Toronto)  is a trailblazing philanthropist and force for change throughout North America

Generosity Without Borders

The number of seniors living in our region is on the rise and many face significant barriers to leading a productive and healthy life. Issues like isolation, health challenges and a lack of community connections can negatively impact seniors’ physical and emotional well-being. Newcomer seniors face even more complex barriers.

Fortunately, there are people who want to help—people like Lynne Waugh. Lynne feels passionately that all seniors deserve to live with dignity and respect, regardless of income or situation. She has taken an active role in making this a reality for her community, connecting with United Way to help establish the Seniors Yoga Program at United Way’s Victoria Park Hub.

“I felt instantly drawn to the program,” Lynne says. “By supporting seniors yoga, I knew I could make a real difference in their lives.” Along with getting physically active,seniors also get additional benefits from yoga such as connecting with others, increased energy and improved sleep. Lynne knows how integral the program has become to the seniors who take part, especially after witnessing their reaction to the news that funding would continue. “They all started clapping,” she remembers. “It felt wonderful knowing that I was able to affect so many people positively.”

Supporting the Seniors Yoga Program is just one aspect of Lynne’s relationship withUnited Way. She and her husband, Rick Waugh, appreciate how their gifts are strategically invested in our community. “United Way is a worthwhile organization to work with because of their ability to connect people with the resources they need to lead better lives,” she says. It’s for this reason that the couple is working with United Way Worldwide to expand its work in the Caribbean, helping extend the model to six new countries. The Waughs believe that the successful United Way model, which supports local agencies, will make significant improvements in people’s lives.

Lynne’s philanthropy doesn’t stop there. Lynne and Rick, together with their sons and daughters-in-law, have established The Waugh Family Foundation. It funds a range of domestic and international projects, from education and healthcare, to community-based charities. “Together, we decide where the money should go in order to ensure we have the greatest impact on people’s lives,” she says. As her generosity reflects, Lynne will undoubtedly continue to create opportunities for people around the world just as she has for seniors here at home.