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Camesha of The Reading Partnership helps Jayden find a book in the library

Building strong communities

The trend

Growing poverty is a serious issue in our region, but there are many other challenges that put people in difficult situations. Across Toronto and York Region, social infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with changing demographics. Our research shows that Toronto’s inner suburbs are home to some of our most vulnerable residents—many of whom are isolated from vital social services. As well, unprecedented growth and higher proportions of newcomers and seniors in York Region has led to service gaps.

The goal

With your support, we can empower individuals and promote well-being through a variety of community services, ensuring that people have access to opportunities, regardless of where they live within the region.

The strategy

We enable vital social services that improve people’s lives, and we address regional social issues, strengthening the communities that are most in need of support.

The results

In 2015–16…

414 programs and services—ranging from newcomer settlement to mental-health supports—supported and strengthened neighbourhoods and communities.

62 Resident Action Grants fuelled local, resident-led projects, helping people enrich the places they call home.

Strength Investments were made in York Region to support important grassroots initiatives.

90,000+ seniors connected with programs focused on basic needs—including meals on wheels, transportation, home support, and social and recreational activities.

320,000+ people connected with community-based mental-health programs: education and awareness, individual and group counselling, telephone help lines, and more.