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Bhayana Family Foundation Awards

The Bhayana Family Foundation Awards recognize extraordinary contributions made by staff who work at United Way Greater Toronto-supported agencies. These awards showcase the remarkable dedication, creativity and team spirit that is essential to creating stronger communities across our region. The 2017 Awards were presented in the following categories:



This award recognizes employees who are dedicated to the mission, values and goals of their agency and go above and beyond what is expected of them.

  • Allison Haskins
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of York
  • Lenore Cabral
    VHA Home HealthCare

Innovation & Creativity

This award recognizes employees who display creativity by introducing new ideas, services or practices. These individuals contribute innovative solutions to their organization by looking at new ways to achieve shared goals.

  • Claire Dadoun
    Blue Door Shelters
  • Kenneth Slater
    Dixon Hall


This award recognizes employees who demonstrate exemplary leadership capabilities and consistently achieve superior, team-based results. These leaders play an exceptional role in helping others contribute to their organization and advance its mission.

  • Maurice Adongo
    Street Health
  • Barbara Pandza
    West Neighbourhood House


This award recognizes employees who make outstanding contributions to their broader community. They do so by recognizing, engaging and maximizing the potential of relationships with key external partners, such as residents, schools, associations, other agencies, businesses and funders.

  • Pamela Eusebio-Romasanta
    JVS Toronto
  • Tanisha Sri Bhaggiyadatta
    Springtide Resources


This award recognizes teams who work toward a common goal. Together, these individuals demonstrate commitment to success through excellent and consistent performance.

  • Regent Park Community Food Centre Team
    CRC/Regent Park Community Food Centre
  • Learning and Leading Team
    Success Beyond Limits


Innovation & Creativity

This award recognizes organizations that introduce ideas, services or practices in new and creative ways. Such organizations adapt positively to changing conditions, develop new responses to community challenges, commit to making improvements to agency operations or services and build staff capacity to learn.

  • Furniture Bank


This award recognizes organizations who support their communities by working with others to increase service, develop strategic alliances or engage in sectoral advocacy. These organizations are skilled at external relationships and go beyond their own walls to address community needs.

  • St. Stephen’s Community House