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Bhayana Family Foundaiton Awards. Celebrating the roots of our community.

The Bhayana Family Foundation Awards recognize extraordinary contributions made by frontline staff and middle managers who are tackling #UNIGNORABLE local issues at United Way Greater Toronto-supported agencies. Winners are awarded for showing their local love and helping people thrive through their dedication, innovation and creativity, leadership, teamwork and partnership.

The 2019 award winners are:


Dedication: $3,000

This award recognizes employees who are dedicated to the mission, values and goals of their agency and go above and beyond what is expected of them.

  • Renee Flannery
    Learning Disabilities Association York
  • Simon Kalkstein
    Jewish Family & Child (JF&CS)
  • Eva Webster
    Native Child and Family Services

Innovation & Creativity: $3,000

This award recognizes employees who contribute innovative solutions to their organization by looking for new ways to achieve shared goals.

  • Rani Anto
    Newcomer Centre of Peel
  • Jaydeep Atara
    St. Leonard's Place Peel
  • Ashleigh Judge
    College-Montrose Children's Place

Leadership: $3,000

This award recognizes employees who demonstrate exemplary leadership capabilities and consistently achieve superior, team-based results.

  • Diana Grimaldos
    Working Women Community Centre
  • Maryamm Himid
  • Sureya Ibrahim
    The Centre for Community Learning & Development

Partnership: $3,000

This award recognizes employees who make outstanding contributions to their broader community. They do so by recognizing, engaging in, and maximizing relationships with key external stakeholders, such as residents, other agencies, businesses and funders.

  • Julian Carvajal
    Art Starts
  • Nealia Lewis
    St. Leonard's Place Peel
  • Dalu Ndlovu
    The Vitanova Foundation

TEAM AWARDS: $7,000*

This award recognizes teams that demonstrate commitment to success through excellent and consistent performance.

Newcomer Wellness Services Centre Client Support Services and Mental Health Services

COSTI Immigrant Services

  • Brigita Katona
  • Elsa Lopez
  • Fatemeh Veisi
  • Fared Dawod
  • Mostafa Moshtaghi
  • Myriam Garcia
  • Nadiya Ali
  • Nagham Fawaz
  • Ramy Abaalkayel
  • Seham Hassan
  • Siza Krikor
  • Asma Sleihat
  • Talin Nersessian
  • Ferozan Fariad
  • Aida Abdullah
  • Khadija Youssef
  • Lena De Nicola
  • Mai Aburashed

Social Support Team – Food Bank

Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

  • Shivana Sankar
  • Ilene Page
  • Prakathesh Rabeenthira

Systems Change Team


  • Mercedes Zayas
  • Ana Teresa Portillo
  • Anita Prasad
  • Mandy Bergman
  • Karla Villanueva Danan
  • Monica Melanson

*Winners of the Team Achievement award are required to use their award for professional development. The type and focus of this development is to be determined by the team and must include all members.