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Photo of Beth Wilson

What we’ve learned over time is if you help a woman to be self-sufficient, you’re really lifting the whole family.

Beth Wilson, CEO of Dentons Canada, starts her day by asking herself one simple question: “Who am I going to recognize today?” Lifting up and supporting others is a key part of what drives her as a leader and as a philanthropist.

At the beginning of her career, Beth was often one of the only women at a meeting—and later, one of the few in a leadership role. Her experience inspires her efforts to foster more inclusive communities and workplaces. It’s also what motivated her to mentor and champion others as she became more senior, helping them access more opportunities. She is particularly passionate about helping women overcome the challenges and doubts they face in the workplace.

Helping to close gaps for vulnerable people in the GTA, including women experiencing poverty, was a powerful motivator for Beth in her role as United Way’s 2019 Campaign Chair. She brought passion, dedication and tremendous commitment to the role, rallying those around her to step up for community in new and different ways. This includes United Way’s Women’s Impact Fund, kickstarted by Beth and her husband Brent who committed to contributing $100,000 per year for three years. The fund will provide vital support to the many women experiencing poverty, unemployment and domestic violence in the GTA.

For Beth and her husband, it’s an effective way to meet immediate needs while creating long-term change, especially at a time when United Way’s much-needed network of agencies is reaching a breaking point due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“I have seen the impact these programs are having on the lives of women,” Beth says. “What we’ve learned over time is if you help a woman to be self-sufficient, you’re really lifting the whole family out of poverty and breaking that cycle to set the stage for the next generation to succeed.”

Thanks to Beth’s ongoing support, the fund has raised an incredible $1,191,852, exceeding the initial fundraising goal of $1 million. Twenty-two donors joined her in this tremendous show of local love, including some of Beth’s fellow Women United members. It’s exactly the kind of remarkable achievement Beth is known for.

But Beth is not one to take sole credit for success—she is quick to say that without the support of her community, including a strong network of like-minded leaders, her family and colleagues at Dentons, none of this would be possible.

For her, leadership is all about recognizing the impact we can have when we champion one another.