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LaShane a client at Redemption Reintegration Services with program coordinators

All that kids can be

The trend

Research shows that the years from the pre-natal phase to age six have the most important influence on a child’s development. Yet, hundreds of thousands of children in our region are living in poverty. In many inner-suburban neighbourhoods in Toronto, young people—many of whom are newcomers—are vulnerable to lower levels of educational attainment and higher levels of unemployment. And too many young people in York Region are on the streets without a safe place to go at night.

The goal

By partnering with generous supporters like you, our goal is to put kids on the path to success. Investing in their development—from early childhood to young adulthood—means giving them the opportunities they need to thrive.

The strategy

We improve access to family services, so that infants, children and youth can get a healthy start in life. We also tackle underlying barriers to the education, engagement and employment of young people.

The results

In 2015–16…

209 programs and services supported children and youth at every stage of their development.

46,000 counselling/mentoring sessions put youth on the path to a promising future.

$17.1M+ is invested in child and youth programming across Toronto and York Region.

45,000+ children and their families got a good start in life together by participating in programs that encouraged children’s healthy physical and social development, and helped get them ready for school.

28,000+ one-on-one counselling sessions put youth on the path to a promising future.

60,000+ youth got the support they needed to finish school, find jobs and look forward to an economically secure future.